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How to size and order wood vents

made easy....

Most wood vents are ordered by the duct opening or "rough" opening especially insert / surface mount vents.

OAD or "over all dimensions" will size basevents and most custom flush no frames.....

Here are some pictures to help you understand what to look for to properly size a wood vent.

Call 800 685 8263.... we will be happy to help go over your measurements, help size and quote.



1.  Where is the opening located?  Floor, Wall or ceiling?

What type of floor surface?  Wood (3/4 or laminant), tile, carpet etc...

What type of wall or ceiling?  Drywall, plaster ,wood etc...

Ceiling and wall vents are best ordered as "inserts".  The flange will cover the opening's rough cut and can be drilled for fasteners.


Any large wood vent needs to be supported.

If there is no "rafter" to shim, a wood cross brace can easily be installed.

Wood vents, when supported properly, can be used for larger openings and in high traffic areas.

Note any moldings or obstructions near the opening....  This door jamb makes a tough installation.

Close/patch the opening with extra flooring to create a cleaner opening for a vent.


2 Is it a metal duct opening?  Or a cut "rough opening"?

Metal openings are sometimes tricky as the duct work may "bow" inward.... check for "play" and adjust to a stock size.   Rough cut wood floor openings can also fool you into ordering custom vents.  A 3 3/4" x 12" opening and a few file passes can fit a 4 x 12" stock vent.

Measure everything...and send a picture if you can.

Provide as many measurements as possible.  Measure twice, order once. Is there enough room between the opening and the wall molding. Will the 3/4" flange be big enough to cover any splintering?

 3Will it be flush or surface mounted (insert)?

insert style wood vent sketch flush no frame wood vent sketch flush with frame wood vent sketch
egg crate insert style wood vent detail flush no frame eggcrate vent flush with frame wood vent detail
Inserts can be installed for floor wall & ceiling applications. Flush vents are best installed before any surface installation. Flush with frame vents are floor installation only.



Flush vents are standard 3/4" thick and can be "fitted" flush in an existing surface by cutting the floor opening larger to expose the sub floor.  The sub floor acts as a shelf to support the vent.

 4What type & style wood vent?

baseboard vent flush wood vent insert wood vent toe kick wood vent triangular base vent
Baseboard Flush Insert Toe Kick Base Vent


Basevents are usually installed over a duct opening located in the floor up against a wall.

To stay away from a custom size and to not screw around with the existing molding, the width of these vents is probably the most important measurement.  Ordering to wide will mean cutting the molding and too narrow filling in.

Base vents can be made custom to any size and in any wood.

Please specify

Length x Height x Depth

for dimensions.

triangular baseboard vent sketch

Check out our Base Vents



5What type of wood and finish?

Almost any wood can be matched.   Oak, maple, cherry, ash, walnut etc...

Choose unfinished vents which are clean and sanded ready for on-site finishing or factory finished.
We can provide clear and custom stain finishes.


6.  What type of air flow works best for the application?

one way vent explanation four way diffuser two directional vent eggcrate vent three way diffuser
One Way Four Way 2 Way (Standard) Eggcrate 3 Way


7Call, fax or e-mail us.  We will be happy to quote any size job....



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